Donate your spare wine corks to a good cause this holiday season

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As a wine drinker, it’s hard to know what to do with all those used corks once the wine and bottle are gone. The Wine Sisterhood has come up with a solution that gives everyone a warm, fuzzy feeling this holiday season. For every cork they receive by Dec 31, the Wine Sisterhood will donate $1 to the One Warm Coat organization that supplies coats to those who cannot afford them.

Started in 1992, One Warm Coat has grown from a weekend event in San Francisco to a national charity that has distributed over 4 million coats to those in need across the US. With this year’s freezing winter temperatures across much of the nation for extended periods, it’s more important than ever that people receive these coats in order to stay warm.

Lori Budd of Dracaena Wines, on why she gathered together her corks for the Corks for Coats project, “We are fortunate that we are able to pursue our passion, and we think it is important to give back. We had the corks sitting around not doing anything, why not put them to good use with a wonderful cause? I’d rather have them help someone.”

For those of us blessed with a roof over our heads and wine on our tables, a cork donation of any amount quickly adds up to a significant contribution to the One Warm Coatorganization. Every pound of corks (roughly 100 corks) becomes a $100 donation by the Wine Sisterhood. Now that’s a pretty good return on your investment, any way you look at it.

Another Corks for Coats donor, Jo Diaz of Diaz Communications and organizer of the annual Oregon Pinot Gris Symposium, very eloquently explains why she was compelled to donate, “It’s a very worthwhile cause. Anyone who’s in need of a coat to fend off the cold, regardless of age, gender, race, or creed, needs warmth of body to have any peace of soul.”

To help with the Corks for Coats cause, please send your corks to the Wine Sisterhood before Dec 31, 2014:

Wine Sisterhood Clubhouse

1403 Jefferson St.

Napa, CA, 94559

Visit the Wine Sisterhood website for more information on their Corks for Coats project

To read more about One Warm Coat, visit

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